Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Our customers mean the world to us.

We think we know CoursePro pretty well. But every time we run one of our summit events, we’re reminded that we’re not the only experts!

Running events like our summits, where we can meet face-to-face with our community to discuss new ideas and upcoming features, is vital. But twice a year isn’t enough to find out what our customers think…

So we send out surveys every couple of months to check we’re going in the right direction. Take a look at some of the feedback on this page!

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Ibrahim Mehmet, Commercial Product Manager | GLL

GLL have used CoursePro since 2012 and now operate the system in over 135 leisure centres across the UK for a variety of sports such as swim school, gymnastics, football and even Nordic walking! Our teachers love using the handheld devices to record registration and attainment which in turn results in happier customers; as they can review progress of pupils in their own time online via the Home Portal.

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Jason Torpey, Performance Manager | Hallamshire Tennis Club

CoursePro has enabled our business to become more professional and more efficient, and has drastically reduced admin time. The ability for parents to login and track their child’s progress, as well as re-enrol quickly and easily, has really helped us stand out over our competitors. The added benefit of a great technical support team, as well as the continued improvement and involvement of the system has really helped our staff be able to spend more of their time on more specific tasks related to tennis coaching.

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Katie Sharples, Swim Co-ordinator | Tameside Active

There were two big benefits for us. Firstly, we now have a continuous ‘learn to swim’ scheme rather than blocks with set payment dates, and secondly now parents can see their child’s progression online. This now provides the parents with the opportunity to both pay and transfer online. By doing this we have alleviated a lot of pressure at reception which means we can provide much better customer service. Also, the teachers are now able to do everything they need to on their tablet on poolside which means we now have no paper getting soggy and they can now assess everything there and then.

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Claire Harrison, Managing Director | Swimming Rocks

CoursePro covers everything you need. We started using CoursePro in 2011 and their team have consistently delivered technology advances, add on capabilities and some key requirements to this day. We continue to see CoursePro as integral to the business.

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We use NPS (‘Net Promoter Score) to provide us with a weighted customer satisfaction rating between -100 and 100. Through this we can identify and fix any issues, and are very proud to consistently score above 50!

Our February 2019 NPS Score:
Net Promoter Score = 64
"I am absolutely delighted with CoursePro, it has really helped take a lot of administrative strain from me over the past few months!"
Star Swimming Academy
February 2019

If you’d like to visit one of our customers and see how they use CoursePro to optimise & manage their programme, get in touch with our team below!